Legal studies can be demanding ...

   Our 25 years of experience and the continued success of our students, consist the hallmark of the quality of teaching methods used here, at the Legal Institute PROUSANIDIS. The transmittal of knowledge for the study and interpretation of legislation, the implementing and defending law, for us is the cornerstone.

The course of the Legal Institute PROUSANIDIS includes comprehensive teaching and learning of the following courses:



The main objective of our Institute is the complete training of candidates for the National School of Judges, Administrative and Policy Direction (Civil Judges and Prosecutors).

Our Institute is the only one in Greece that specializes with special sections and specialised jurists teachers of recognized standing in Administrative Law, with seriousness and thoroughness in preparing candidates for the Judiciary of the Administrative Direction. Instruction includes ALL requested classes, ie both General Education and Foreign Language Legal Terminology.

That is the reason why, since 1995 when the National School of Judges was founded, till today, we are at the top of success, recording each time the highest success rate.

In civil law, professors have great experience both teaching and litigation.

Legal Institute PROUSANIDIS, provides the most efficient way, to those who wish to prepare for qualifying examinations of the Law School.